Wednesday, August 22, 2007


-Why oh why does it hurt. I keep playin "I'm Walkin On Sunshine" over and over in my head evertime I think about it, it hasn't gone away yet.
-When will all this hard work payoff. If I took a dirt nap tomorrow what would it matter?
-I printed out an application for "The Biggest Loser", will I fill it out and send in? Probably not. There's an issue of pride standing in my way. I broke down and asked for help about 8 years ago, after months of testing(for gastric bypass) , being poked (not in the fun way) and proded, it ended a long depression b/c healthcare providers didn't think I fit the profile. What a joke. I'm seriously at a point where if I don't change something soon whether it be the scenery or physical appearance, I'll feel left behind by everthing and everyone. I already feel there's some big movement happening w/o me.
-Wednesdays suck. Humpday my ass.

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