Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Wish

An interesting thing happened a few days ago. I was at work and decided to wash my mug. ( coffee, not face) This particular mug is of the Christmas persuasion, it is blue and white with snowflakes on it, and in big blue letters it has the word "WISH" on it. After leaving the kitchen I stopped in the mail room we share with the USDA to see if the mail had come yet. It had. As I seperated our mail from the others I totally forgot about the mug and walked back to the office. The next day when I went to check the mail again, there on the counter, sat my "WISH" mug. When I got my paws back on it, it had 2 small pieces of paper in it. One said, " I wish for peace on Earth and goodwill towards men " and the other was a rather sweet private wish I shall keep to myself, As I believe the wisher would have wanted. Kinda like not telling when you blow out the birthday candles. I don't know who wrote either wish, but I sincerely hope that both come true. I almost wanted to put my own wish in there and let it marinate for awhile.

It makes me sigh every time I think of it. I love the Christmas spirit.