Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Birth of Girth

My first post, I'm giddy. It's like prom night all over again. The anticipation, the buildup, the singing, dancing, drinking and then and then....... oh yeah, bad analogy. Pardon me while I think of an event that didn't end in jug sweat and tears.
I have something to say, I have stories to tell. I have questions, answers, pet peeves, anecdotes, quips, lessons learned, sarcasm, heartbreak and humor to share. "Can fat people do that?" , you ask. I reply with a resounding rotund "YES"! Am I proud to be plus ? No, but I am proud to be me. (Cue Richard Simmons cry scene. Enter Mary: grabbing said fro and puts the delicate flowers face to knee.) I don't want your pity, when I want your advice I will ask for it. I didn't ask to be this way, but I deal with it. Sometimes happily, sometimes despairingly. While there will be certain entries wearing the fat hat, I will not dwell on the misery that "the man" uses to oppress the journey of the joyous jollies.
"Who is this chick?" you ask. Sometimes I don't even know. I guess that's the fun in it. I can tell you..... I'm mouthy, sarcastic, loving, giving, pretty, sometimes not so pretty, crazy, grounded, proud, scared, sentimental, loyal to a fault (hurt me or a loved one and I f'n will cut you ). I like to cuss like a sailor on occasion, usually whilst driving, drinking (not at the same time)or playing Guitar Hero. I try to live honestly, key word here is try. And I honestly expect honesty in return. Most importantly, I take humor seriously! OK, that joke was a lil campy, but I'm writing it, so bugger off. Love me or leave me............

(Ah the end of the first blog...... and not nearly as disappointing as prom night. )

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